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Add in Naval Combat
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*Close if there is another thread, could not find one so posting*

BI implemented submarines and diving, it would be neat to have Naval combat in the game. Since there is large body of water between the islands, it would be amazing to have controllable battleships, cruisers, aircraft carriers, etc. You guys implemented submarines, why not take another step further by having a variety of ships, boats, and subs. It would add another level of immersion for people that run scenarios all day long.


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This is really out of scope. Maps are way (and I mean WAAAAAAAY) too small to simulate >1000km aircraft carrier operations, or a 600km Granit strike.

This would be cool, but more like a totally seperate game. Needs TONS of new models, functionality, better water simulation, sounds, maps etc. Sorry but -1

BIS has expanded into underwater assets, they will eventually release a expansion pack or dlc which has more naval and underwater assets in a few years.

bez added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 8:24 PM

Saying the sea is too small is not an excuse really.
Extending the sea is a job of a few minutes and it's not gonna be
expensive to have the sea stretch to another even ho 50 miles.

All they need to add is a carrier (they already have the model from ArmA 2)
maybe one battle cruiser and a submarine.
That alone would be enough to make some very nice naval combat.


Bez is forgetting that they have to map the sea floor as well now that you have divers. They also have to build in the physx for each ship, get the handleing down, do a complete model for the ship that includes elevators for moving aircraft. The average Arma player probably couldn't land on a moving aircraft carrier anyways, much less taxi to the elevator.

A carrier has a crew of over 6,000 members, how do you plan on crewing it by yourself? The team at BI would have to develop AI for every crew member.

This is an unnecessary waste of time when static ship models are available.

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+1, would be great with at least frigate class ships even if aircraft carriers won't get implemented (but in perfection, aircraft carriers would be also nice!!!). Maybe on later stage also some submarines (if problem of walking on the ship surfaces while they are in the sea, or surface of the ship is under the water level will be solved)

So long as this wouldn't take too much production time away from the expansion would be really nice. Stuff like aircraft carriers, destroyers, PT boats, and hover craft (look it up) would be a great way to support infantry and give a true sense of scale. Adding more diving mechanics would be very much appreciated in of itself as that is rarely used for actual missions.