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can't kill ai playing cutscenes animation.
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I have playing around with the diffrent animations. If you put a ai playing a animations like fixing the car. Patrolinganimations and so on. You can kill the ai before he is gone throw the full animation. Thats really good. But all the animation thats under the category "cutscenes" you can't kill the ai. You can shoot him how many times you want. Thats bad. Its nice to have the choice to have the soldiers have a talking animation and still be able to kill him.


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  1. Put a unit and name it like "civ" (not as a player) on the map and make a "move" waypoint. In the init of the waypoint type: civ switchMove "InBaseMove_repairVehicleKnl"; civ disableAI "ANim"; Now put a soldier as player and preview the mission. Shoot at the AI that plays the animation and he will fall to his death.

InBaseMove_repairVehicleKnl is a animation that is not under cutscene. It´s under unknown category.

  1. Now again but now replace the "InBaseMove_repairVehicleKnl" with "acts_StandingSpeakingUnarmed" or any other animation under the cutscene category. Preview the mission and try to kill the AI. The animation will not end and the AI will not get killed.

And It´s only the animation under the cutscene category that don´t work. Under all other you can kill the ai while it doing a animation.

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Well, they're made for cutscenes. So I don't find this necessary.

But maybe a missionmaker want to have a talking animation outside the cutscene and want to be able to kill that talking soldier under a speach. For example a snipermission that the mission is to take out a officer during a speach. Now you can kill an ai while laying on the ground fixing a car but not a ai that talks.

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Confirmed, that shit is annoying somuch, a nd not only for talking anims, its actual for reloading, healing, jumping, halo, gear animations. The just dont interputed while no finished

DEvs fix it please

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Im triying to reproduce but i cant play the anim in the editor, maybe Im making something wrong. Sorry but how you did it?

Please add steps to reproduce

reproduce has been added.

Well I tested it and you can kill AI. In fact after you shot it you can see it has blood on it, by this point it is already dead you can check it with alive command. The thing it the animation is looping and this is what keeps it standing. It is no secret if you apply switchMove to dead bodies you can make them walk :) Use switchMove "" command to cancel the loop and AI falls dead. I think it won't be difficult to script workaround.

Totally agree with this thread!

Think it would be great if ALL the animations could be broken with smooth transitions.

this addEventHandler ["killed", "thePoorGuysName switchmove ''"]; crude but functional