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Getting hit, surviving, should produce a "knock back" animation.
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In A3 it looks more like people are getting slapped rather than getting hit by a bullet. If there is a strong hit you should be knocked to the ground and get up again instead of the current strange "stretch" animations.


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Shot a good chest shot on a solider.
-If he dosent die- watch the strange stretch like animation...

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Example of a solider getting hit using a bullet prof west that saves hes life. (This person lived. The shooter was later arrested alive. No people were killed or seriously harmed in this clip. Obviously the guy getting hit probably got a good blue bruise, but the bullet did not penetrate or harm him.)

This video is only for adding a good visual argument for my reasoning.

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This would be cool. Not the highest priority on my list, and I could see it being frustrating, but it would be realistic. I think A3 should be simulator so maybe this should be implemented.

It would be very cool, considering the new ragdoll physics. Also I suggest the same for getting hit by explosions.

The only game where I saw this was the "Brothers In Arms"

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Duplicate of #7196

the ceramic panel in the vid seem to be an IV level Panel.
Pretty easy block if it was an IV panel.

VBS2 already simulated this, for many problems. (Copyright, as well VBS2 is extremely expensive, which if BIS put those features in Arma, there are no needs of VBS2 which BIS will suffer in it's income ). I doubt BIS wouldn't even use it on Arma series.

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