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Remove the blured vision when Fatigued.
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Gets very frustrating. Sometimes running 5 meters and you cant see anything. Doesn't add anything to the game except for frustration.

It is fine when the edges of the screen go dark, but bluriness just gets in the way.


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I have never expirienced blury vision after runing or even intense workout. I do understand what the game tries to do but it just doesn't work and there are many better ways of doing it right.

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Related to #7979

@gutsnav: you might want to see a doctor if your vision blurs in and out after running maybe a quarter of a mile. Of course you can't aim straight, but that's more because of heartbeat and shaking rather than blur.

Sorry not what I meant. It is pretty annoying you can't run a mile without your vision blurring, but what I meant was your vision should blur after a long run with a pack and stuff.

@GUSTAV. You vision should NOT blur after a long run. People don't get blured vision.

On the other hand, the blur forces you to rest, because it slightly hinders your vision which is important for the game. Else you could just run into infinity and beyond with nothing stopping you, unlike in real life youd get exausted. Black edges dont affect you in any way but inform you that youre getting tired, the blur offers you a tradeoff, dont stop and risk getting shot, or stop and rest.

Else they could just make you pass out while running or fall over.

Well, making you run slower also works, shaky hands and thus poor aim also works. Many ways of doing it differently. And again, running 10 meters and starting to blur gets out of hand when you usually need to run 200-300 meter to AO from LZ's.

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Turn off blur effects but blur isn't right way to "simulate" fatigue. It's the most lazy and annoying way to do it.

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Disable radial blur in the post processing effects.

It's a shitty unrealistic effect anyways.

Maybe they should make a script where it will force the players character to start stumbling, and slow to even a crawl as a long term consequence of running more than 2km's. That seems realistic right? Ill notify the devs. No seriously, if the blur gets annoying, maybe your doing something wrong. In real life, you get tired, you rest from your run, and catch your breath. In Arma, if you get the blur, it should have the same results. When you start loosing focus, rest. There are many ways to simulate fatigue, but if they were to do it in a way that wouldn't cause you to rest, than it wouldn't be realistic. If that doesn't encourage you to rest, than your simply gonna get shot because you failed to see a guy to your right, due to tunnel vision. Then again, having the player fall down for 3-5 minutes after running too long, doesn't seem like a bad idea. Then you can have someone walk up to you, run around you in circles, and then shoot you. Rest is important. Don't ignore it.

Blur is from all the sweat running down into your eyes!

I am doing crossfit and sweat like a monkey. Never have I gotten blurred vision from sweat. In fact, never in my life have I gotten blurred vision from anything.

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As said before, just turn 'Radial Blur' down in PP settings.