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Night sky colour grading/banding
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During any night time in ARMA3 the sky and visuals in the scope all look graded/banded especially around light sources like the moon, less so with flash lights.

The grading/banding issue is not present during day night, only night time. {F20600} {F20601}


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Load up any mission set at night (9-4pm)

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All the settings are on Very High or Ultra.

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I am using an MSI GTX 770, 320.18 drivers.

-Updated to 320.49 drivers, the problem is still there.

Have you tried higher HDR setting?

I have the settings for everything but draw distance maxed out at the time the screenshot was taken. I have checked recently and all settings are maxed out. The night sky still looks the same.

Agree, also do you the problem with a clear sky at daytime? I think it's better now but I've posted a ticket for it

Nope. Day time sky actually looks perfect.

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I noticed this too, I thought the per pixel shading of the skybox introduced a few days ago would fix that. I think it might be WIP.