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Modifier + Mousewheel Combination not supported in Controls
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Currently you wont be able to combine a Modifier (Ctrl, Shift or Alt) with the Mousewheel in the Control Options.

Obviously this would make a lot of sense though, for zooming or zeroing in and out for example.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Open the Controls Dialog in the Options Menu.
  • Try to assign a 'Ctrl + Mousewheel Up' or 'Ctrl + Mousewheel Down' Combination to any action.
  • Notice its not supported yet.

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small, but desirable feature!

Yeah, im considering buying a mouse with buttons on the side, but this would give me all i need with a current mouse. The inconsistent effects of right mouse button for zooming for diffrent vehicles and seat positions is getting annoying. Im used to zooming in with the right mouse button, but you cant do that in some gunners positions, with someweapons you can, in other cases youll be ordering the gunner to fire or target a friendly unit. + and - are a bit to uncomfortable to use, and cant see what to rebind those to and be accessible enough. Having a ctrl + mousewheel up/down would be incredibly usefull. With such a complex game, the more customizability the better.

I have seen this a long time.

Currently there are many:

  1. buttons that can't be bound to commands properly.
  2. commands that don't work properly.
  3. invisbile commands.
  4. ambiguous command names.
  5. bindings that don't practically work the way you would finally expect them to.

I would like to see a complete and thorough examination of the controls of the game to make sure all buttons work, all commands work, clarify the commands, make all invisible commands visible and finally make sure specific likely bindings work the way you would expect them to in practice.

Over and out.

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