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General Character Customization (MINOR REQUEST)
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So far in ARMA 3 we have the eye wear for our characters and of course their faces and in game we have our standard soldiers uniform and hopefully the ability to add Clan logo's to them. This is simply an aesthetic idea which sort of links to my Gear/Vehicle dying post and is just about minimizing the amount of space taken up by different types of weapons or gear in ammo boxes and improving character customization, etc. So far for the Blufor overalls we have seen two different outfits for sleeves rolled up or down, could there be an easy thing where if you right click the outfit or have a button which simply rolls them up for down so if someone puts down a gear box in a mission all they have to do is put one type in to cater to everyones needs rather than two.

There could also be something similar for lets say gloves you could have a button which adds or removes them and again it helps to improve the current character customization to make people fairly unique and it makes things like screenshots and other videos look less clone like.

It is just a simple idea to reduce the space taken up for items and the idea of improving character customization. Before any of you say it I know this is a Milsim hence why I labeled this as a minor request but in my opinion it increases immersion and it would be a neat feature to add in my opinion. {F20572}


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