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Much more effective CPU/GPU utilisation in-game, specifically, in multiplayer.
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Very small percentages of CPU cores and GPU RAM is used effectively. Suggest NVIDIA drivers or engine optimizations/streamlined coding system.
30 FPS seems to be the norm for most players on high-end to low-end rigs, especially in multiplayer matches.

ArmA 3 is not seeing it's full visual potential because of performance issues. It's slightly game-breaking at times, and I really hope it can be fixed in the future for everyone's benefit.


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Open MSI Afterburner and join a low-ping 30 man server of Multiplayer (Perhaps Wasteland) and observe the frame rate and CPU core usage and GPU utilization in-game.

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Gunplay, flying, driving, diving is unbearable at lower than 30 FPS on capable PC rigs. ArmA 3 is a modern game, and should take advantage of modern hardware.

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This has already been reported/requested.

Closing as duplicate.