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Flashlights/Lasers should not turn off immdietly when AI/player killed
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When playing at night against enemy that are using flashlights, their flashlights will turn off as soon as they are killed.

This results in the player knowing that they have killed the target because their torch has gone out.

It's the same with a target's Laser Pointer, it'll turn off when they die.

Have not tested on multi-player PvP, but I presume it's the same.

My suggestion would be that the light stays on for a minute or two after the target dies.


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Fight AI at night - they must have flashlights equipped and no NVGs.

For lasers - equip NVGs and fight against enemy equipped with lasers.

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Aren't those lights hold-to-use? IIRC, many laser sights are.

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No, Lasers and Flashlights are not hold-to-use and have never have been in Arma AFAIK.

I suggest you to rename the issue including the lasers in the name

the light -should- remain ON for as-long as the weapon it is attached to still exists on the ground.

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There's no reason other than the amount of dynamic lights would be increased to not add this, it's no hit to performance at all.