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Optics key in vehicles
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It would be good idea if there was a separate keybind options for using optics/zooming in vehicles. I use right mouse button to lock targets with helicopter and this causes obvious problems (unintetional cancelling targets/zooming etc.), but it cannot be rebinded, since there is only one keybind option for this under weapons tab.


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I agree with you it's annoying.

Just so you know for the mean time, until it's fixed (if it's ever)
while you look in the optics and you want to lock on a target,
press the Sec. mouse button and hold!

It will lock but won't exit the optics mode.

Anyway, upvoted.

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Yeah, i know that (thanks for the info though), but it's still very uncomfortable.

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I virtually never use the RMB to enter optics mode, there is a temp optics button which the optics are only active when held down, as this alleviates the RMB optics/target lock problem if you fumble a RMB press, as you just release the button to close the optics.

However it may be somewhat easier for me, as I use kpad_ins with my little figure being a left handed mouse user (though right handed) but mapping the temp optics button to something you can use over time you may become accustomed to it and reduce your use of the RMB to just locking targets.

Well, then there is a problem, since i use right mouse button for weapon optics as an infantryman, so RMB is still mapped for optics toggle. Anyway, since Arma has pretty complex controls (in terms of FPS games), we should be able to customize it as much as possible.

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