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More realistic civilian behaviour
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I have for a long time wished for the civilians ingame to behave in a more realistic way. I think they would make a much more intresting part of the game if they behaved "smarter". VBS have solved this by giving the civilians routines based on the time of the day and certain "hotzones" like markets and other peoples houses. In the night civilians are most likely to be inside, maybe even sleeping? Maybe crowds (somtimes angry), maybe fugatives that walk beside the road?

Also if they could move around and "talking" and using anims would make them look more "real". My hope is that this would be able to be as the civilian module so these units despawn when the player/s are outside the area.

Is this possible? I have yet seen few mods that goes in this direction. I think the civilians is a really important part of a military simulator so would greatly appreciate any input on this idea and hopefully a integration into the game.


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If you want to make realistic civilians today its gonna take ALOT of both energy and performance from the game. The existing modules in the game does not make any realistic behaviour for the AI. With the BIG citys in Arma 3 it would be unrealistic to have a whole city that are a ghost town.

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