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Models are below the texture at high distance
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Modele are sliding under the ground texture at high distances, if they are lie or crounch. only at hills, not at flat areas! Vehicles also under the texture at some angles! {F20521}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • place an enemy at side of an hill, 800-1200m away from you.
  • shoot at him so he lies down!
  • see

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It's not a bug, it's a feature. Since it takes to much resources to render grass at long distances the engine simulate the camuflage of hiding in grass this way.

No thats not a feature, if i try to shoot them i cant hit his lags, ans sometimes the bullet went trought his Body, and why is it only at hills? And dosnt if he lie on flat ground? If this is a feature its bad done, or not finished.

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Actually it is a feature, just not a great one. See: #10433

Here is a suggestion on how to replace this feature with a better solution: #3505