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request a longer version of the MX ( remember M16 )
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I like the sound of MX. Good new weapon for 2035, but it's like the M4, short. more for street firefight, adapt into buildings. And there's lot of fighting on lanscape, and the old M16 is missing me.

I know than in US Army they change M16 against M4, which is more adapt in city. On the island there isn't so much towns, and there's lot of fights outsides, on landscape.

M16 is more accurate and more powerfull than M4 due to a longer barrel ; I want it for MX, with a longer version.

And when you're looking for characters with this short rifle, with a lot of long distance fighting...

Keep the MX like that, and put another one longer.

Visually and to remember M16, it can be good. Better with scopes!


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The long version of the MX is the MXM=marksman rifle.A shortened MX is called the MXc and a light machine gun variant is called the MXSW.

Ok but MX it´s like. You mean MXM is a little sniper rifle like the M16 dmr, but if I just want like an M16, a longer rifle than MX...

Actually there's always MX even if it's not a mission above towns, with long engagement. For me is too short. Prefer M16 than M4, shorter barrels only in town.

It´s like toys...

I guess then that the MXM is like an M16.

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my god.... MX and M16 (or anything of the AR-15 platform) ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

MX is an assault rifle, no matter the size, MXC its a fail of a carbine, and MXM its a slightly marksman rifle (compared to M14)

MX its like the M16
MXC its like the M4
MXM its like the M14

MX is too short compared to M16, it's more like an M4. So MXc it´s like an UZI. :)

Just for combined arms and infantry missions, I think than MX is too short compared to the distance of engagement.

So use the MXM.

Not possible in showcases.

It´s fashion to shorter the barrels. There no way for landscape.

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why is even the size so important? go ask a real soldier, they will tell you a bull pup or a small gun its a better all around gun than a M16, M16 handles horrible in CQB meanwhile a M4 handles A LOT better with a slight damage, accuracy and range reduction.

If you think size = performance, you are wrong, and no, the MX its not the size of an M4

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The M-16 is more powerfull than the M-4 because it has a longer barrel? Where exactly did you.get this information, call of duty or battlefield?

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No, REAL LIFE PHYSICS, the gas inside the chamber takes a longer way, wich makes the bullet to be fired at a faster speed, wich means a better range and penetration.

In ballistic, the main 3 important things are:
1- the bullet (most important)
2- the barrel
3- detonation (what kind of powder, what kind of hammer is the gun using, etc.)

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MXM is already available.