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Forest fire simulation
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Imagine starting a forest fire to smoke out the enemy or trying to avoid one as it spreads as an additional hazard to you, and the enemy.


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This would include the ability to start forest fires and the ability to allow them to spread or not.

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I don't mind this, but i'm withholding my vote because i'm incredibly concerned about particle related performance at this point.

If the fire gets to big it will cause lagg. it`s already happening when cars are set on fire

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I've found no cases of forest fires ever being used as a tactic in war. This could probably be regarded as a war crime.

@p00d73 which doesn't happen in real life? First OFP had these civilians being shot-dead by soviets...

It can happen not only on forest trees but on other vegetation/grass as well. There is known modder that made an addon to the ArmA II which made it possible, certain ammunition could even ignite the fire. I wouldn't mind moderate after battle fires here and there sometimes.

I just upvote for fire simulation not for hazadeous tactics with ennemy. But in real life forest fire can happen with use of weapons during a firefight, and in Greece with an hot temperature and dry, it's can happen!

But I repeat that I don't agree with it for tactic, just for sim...

Dont worry - it will be in ArmA 3. Modder that made addon for this in A2 said on the BIS forums that it will be in A3 - vanilla or made by DMaverick :)

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