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Change binocular handling
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Can we have it such that:

  1. Pressing B equips binoculars, doesn't use them.
  2. Tapping RMB makes you look through them
  3. LMB+wheel adjusts zoom
  4. holding RMB holds breath.


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have to agree with this, I do rather despise not being able to lower the binocs without unequiping it and having to sit through animation of unequip and re-equip.

Unless it is possible (without a mod) and I dont seem to know about it.

Agree, and a better animation, with PIP transition ( reflexions on the glasses and transparency through out ). Try to change this horrible 2D picture with unrealistic scratches ; it's like OFP 12 years ago...

As with grenade throwing, i'll point to America's Army 2 for an example of this implementation.

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I would disagree with this as it just doesn’t work on ANY level!

it would make giving orders while using the binoculars etc more of a pain and prone to error and would be slower zooming in/out vs. keys and if using the laser designator would keep turning on/off the laser every time you pressed the LMB to make a zoom change besides scrolling up/down any open order menu with MW scrolls or every RMB press while trying to give orders closes that order menu and goes to the prior order list if any and would interfere with reporting when “auto report is off”, so would make the whole system of binoculars/rangefinder/designator use AND order giving OR reporting while using them clunky and error prone.

bez added a comment.Jun 29 2013, 4:55 PM

I agree with everything here except the zoom function,
which as far as I remember Bino don't have zoom anyway,
so b101uk fears can go to rest.

anyway, upvoted.

Instead of zoom as to be a focus like in real life.

After I've got bino with zoom, don't know for the Army but anyway it's 2035!

Well, my binoculars have optical zoom too, so do the ones in game, and it's annoying to give orders while zoomed anyway, so that needs to be reworked, i think.

If LMB will interfere, there could be another way, like holding the RMB, but i don't want "hold breath" coupled with zoom.

About the only function that could work smoothly would be to change binoculars/rangefinder/designator to function like a gun in your hand (though not held like a gun out in front), so when in hand RMB (or the temp optics button) functions like with bringing up the gun sights to your eye/s, alternatively with the weapon up/down function key at a push.

Myself I don’t use RMB for sights, I use the temp sighting button held down with gun sights and zoom in/out keys (e.g. some scopes and rangefinder/designator) which leaves my MMW, MMB and RMB free for the order menu etc or RMB held down to reveal targets (initially before ordering), anything else that gets screwed around with and shifted to LMB/MMW/MMB/RMB starts to screw things up be it at a fundamental level (default keys mappings) or a personal level (personal key mappings), be it screwing up the designator lazing function (LMB on/off toggle [default]) or interfering with the order giving menu when open (MMW/MMB/RMB [default]).

Yeah man, just a suggestion, i'm sure they'd not use non-optimal settings.

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upvoted, especially

  1. Pressing B equips binoculars, doesn't use them.
  2. LMB+wheel adjusts zoom

(or whichever key is bound to zoom+/-)

Ok, idea for zoom, could use +/- (already used for Zoom in vehicles) or Z for two preset levels to toggle from (like in Halo), though i find that a bit annoying myself. Advantage, however, (of a zoom-level-toggle button) is that you can quickly switch between two states, crucial for making quick regular checks.

Probably set an check-box in "game options" to "remember binocular zoom level", which really should be there, because in the real world your binocs don't reset themselves!

Additionally to the binocular issue, which exists since OFP, we now can not even look around with binocs equipped.

I would even love to see the laser designator as a deployable weapon. The laser designator is not meant to be a hand held device. For extreme long range designation, you need a absolutely stable platform to paint targets at 5km.

Make it a tripod mounted "launcher" that way, only a few specialist will carry a designator. Make it compatible with attachments (thermals, IR laser...) and make it a weapon with a "firing" sound. The laser is a high energy pulsed laser, creating a sound and does overheat after prolonged use.

The old school binoculars are a nice retro-aspect but do not fit into your 2030 scenario at all.

Well, i think this has more or less been fixed.

But, when you switch out of binocs, textures seem to reload, which looks horrible. Though that's another bug i think is related to PIP.

@ThePredator: Probably make another ticket for that.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 3:06 PM

This is considered fixed.