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[Suggestion] Turn engine on/off through actions menu only (and/or key bindings)
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Right now, the only way to turn the engine on in a vehicle is to accelerate.
It would probably be more appropriate to select an "Engine on" action instead.

Part of the reasoning behind this suggestion is helicopters during autorotation: if you turn the engine off, it's probably because you don't want it to be on, so when you raise collective to cushion the landing, the engine stays off instead of turning back on - especially when you have a damaged tail rotor.
Now of course, autorotations are still impossible in the current build, but that doesn't mean vehicles should magically turn their engine on when you push a pedal or raise a lever.

To sum up: make turning the engine on the same as the current "Engine off" action.


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Bumping this to update on the situation with the latest devbuild:
Since autorotations are back, and also due to the tweaks in the flight model of helicopters, it would be a really useful addition to turn the engine on only through the action menu, as it would allow for autorotation landings after a tail rotor loss.
As of now, you perform an autorotation normally, then when you try to cushion the landing, the engine turns back on, and the helicopter starts spinning wildly due to the broken tail rotor.

While it may not be useful for ground vehicles, helicopters would really benefit from it (but then it would make sense to add this to all vehicles).

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If it would be implemented there would be a cool option to be able to remove this action by script for the units that "don't know how to drive" a vehicle in sertain scenarios. Infantry private can hardly start a chopper.


Even more awesome option, like have to start a car with item "key" or ablity to force start a car

the action menu is already too cluttered. If you want this functionality you can add it yourself with addaction and

Turning it on through addAction wouldn't really make sense. The issue is that the engine can turn on when I don't want it to.

The reason I opened this ticket is because I do not want the engine to turn on by pressing the "collective up" key, as it prevents proper voluntary autorotations, such as landing after tail rotor loss (it is possible to land with the engine on, but an autorotation is the way to go).
Pressing "collective up" or "move forward" for cars is also not a realistic (or even remotely believable) way to turn an engine on.

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I really want the option of engine off/on to be bindable so I could use them trough a button so I could avoid the damn action menu with a HOTAS setup.

You can bind custom action menu items to keys:

look under "shortcut"

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Sep 13 2017, 2:16 PM

AFAIK we have a engine on action now.