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Combined arms showcase: objects/structures on hilltop float (terrain: standard)
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Look at the picture provided, you can see walls/sandbags in the air, on top of a hill to the east of the compound you take over. {F20496}


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I saw it when we took over that base, and hid behind the right wall (right when facing the entrance, while entering)

There's a hill to the east of the compound, the area from which the enemy APC emerges from.

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This happens only for terrain settings of Standard (and lower, presumably).

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That is most likely your terrain detail settings, you shouldnt be dropping it below high, otherwise you get THIS in the distance.

Look at it again, and then change your terrain settings and you will notice.

Personally I have this issue too, since I despise the parralax mapping and only way to get it off is setting terrain to standard and lower.

It's on High, afaik. Will check and update.

Ah. Texture's high, terrain is standard. Will see if high changes it (high was hitting performance a bit, about 5 fps).

Confirmed: Happens only for terrain settings of "Standard" lower, edited title for clarity, added additional info.

it isnt really a bug hey, it's just the nature of LOD for the terrain complexability, and it wont really change. This is why there is a ticket to disable the Parralax mapping, or seperate it from the terrain detail so that you wont get that 5fps perfomance hit, as well as getting rid of that crappy warping in the ground effect.

refer to and to cut out the POM and then we can all save 5-10fps whilst having more complex terrain to eliminate these floaty objects, which can btw be used as an exploit.

Thanks for the links.

Should be marked as duplicate, then?

Let the mods decide, they will add the relevant relationship where it's best suited.

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Duplicate of #8658.