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Helicopters recomendation ...
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Guys I have few sugestion about helicopters in game... I am aircraft fan and a real world pilot and read about those things whole my life.I am also a big fan of ARMA. Even if am not helicopter pilot I do have few sugestions for you.
I know this is not a flight simulation and that some things are impossible to make but there is room for improvement. Beside bugs on helicopter (which you guys gona fix in future patches)I happen to notice that systems on helicopters are not modeled right. Even if systems are not modeled on high level and canot be in sake of gameplay it should contain basic halicopter funcionality and that would be sufficient.

ATTACK HELI: First what you guys should do is to make both gunner and pilot have control over the weapons system and both sould be able to fly as it is case in real life. Do you guys think helicopters who cost milions of dolars will not have any redundancy what so ever so if one crew mamber is dead other cant finish the job. Both guided missls,guns and unguided rockets should be controled by both crew members. As you can unlock flight controls by a pilot on back seat you should make gunner unlock weapon controls for a pilot too. So crew can cooperate  . Maybe to make gunner seat specific add TV-flir right click option only available to gunner to make seat more specific. Even though in real life pilot can accses it too. SO basicly both crew mambers would have both controls over weapons and flight controls in mi-48 and comanche. Now there is a bugs which other stated too concearning issue of pilot not able to lock targets without gunner on front seat in multiplayer which should be fixed.Other option is to enable pilot to use right click for brining FLIR up and having weapon system totaly identical to gunners but if flying alone pilot would need to use autohover (which is a real world feature but not used for landing but enables pilot to use weapons system on helis who are single seat and is controled by autopilot system)but then you would have advantege of gunner seat to cuz pilot cant lock and fly in same time so gunner would not lose purpose.

RADAR: Eventhough most helicopters dont have radar there are some helicopters who using radar including AH-64D longbow and eurocopter. Appache radar can track targets bot in air and ground at ranges up to 10 km I think. track 100+ targets and engage 16 simultanosly. SO in 2035 radar will certanly be feature on helicopters but I do not agree transport helis should have radar feature... cuz it is not necesary for transport heli. My opinion is that only attack helis should have radar onboard and helis like ka-60 should manualy lock on targets by lining up helicopter line of sight with target and pressing lock button but would require pilot to look for targets manualy.
HUD: Helmet mounted sight is good... but should only transfer flight info as altitude speed, pitch angle and gun reticle to helmet but for unguidd rockets only when looking front player should see unguided weapon piper on hud which should disappear when line of sight is not on it.

Lifting vehicles: Think lifting vehicle by just howering over them and pressing space is not ralistic.. am thinking someone should go outside and attach vehicle to heli like towing vehicles on other cars... and attach vehicles should have some phisics not just hanging straight would contribute to team work

AIRPLANE PHYSICS: you guys should work on implementing TOH physics model in game... would make flying heli more chalenging ...

Thanks for reading this guys if you did... :)


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Most of the issues mentioned in the ticket were already reported. Please remove the following requests: radar, airlifting, controls for both the pilot and gunner and I'm not really sure about the HUD. I think, it's already been reported, but just keep it there.

Btw, where are you from?

This report is more mine personal opinion what they should work on in future but I didnt know where to post it. It is not issue related. I know there is lot of guys who sugesting similar but I sugested it a bit more different then they. I think its good Idea to keep it like this till some of developers see it. They can easy remove it. I am from Serbia...

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.