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AI Pilots can not pathfind in higher altitudes (750m + ?)
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AI pilots, regardless of helicopter, with a simple "Move" waypoint (Have not tried other WP types will attempt to maneuver endlessly, often just orbiting 200m into the route, at altitudes higher than roughly 750m. I have not been able to find the actual height this begins too happen at, and over all, pilot reaction to high altitudes is erratic at best.


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce

1 Create a Ghosthawk, Orca, or Mohawk (Not player as pilot!)
2 Set Elevation to something fairly high (2000 makes ai freak out for me, so try that :D)
3 Set a move waypoint a few kilometers away
Optional: Put "(Chopper or pilot name) flyinheight 2000;" in an init field, or all the init fields. Results are completely unpredictable.

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