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Add "BigDog-esque" robot for enhanced load carrying, scouting, etc
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Firmly in the territory of want (vs need), a BigDog-esque robot could be added that would allow for enhanced load carrying capability within a squad. Given the near-future setting of Arma 3, and that BigDog is already a reality in the present, I think something like this would fit well within the setting of Arma 3.

This could be controlled like any other AI in the game, perhaps combined with a kind of UAV interface for controlling it remotely. Could be awesome for scouting missions where you don't want to endanger the squad before moving into enemy territory. {F20479}


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The game already has a Unmanned ground vehicle that will do what you want this to do.

UGVs will be in the full game.

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BTW,will there still a "human AI" inside a Unmanned Vehicle like it in Arma2?

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