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suggestion an Underwater base
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In Arma 3 you have a hughes underwater environment, why not create underwater bases...
Will be nice!


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Yeah, because that's very realistic.

realistic? yes! we have allready underwater bases on earth dude!

Where? The image you posted clearly says
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Concept art

Do you know what sci-fi means?

Bytheway, the game takes place in 2035...

2035...to0 soon.besides, with the other technology in the game, it would be too advanced. BIS has already set what the technology limit would be for this game.

The picture is just a exsample! wtf is your problem!

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I wouldn't ask for underwater bases, but for an "ocean cutter". Unless you can script this already somehow, then the ability to create a dry spot under the sea level would be a good addition.

it would not be very practical in a war. you can't set it up and take it down very fast. the local population does not have the technology for this kind of stuff. so, there its just not practical or possible.

pops, yes i agree, something like that... the game will be more dynamic as it already is...

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Then I suggest you change the ticket name and description to something more suitable. :) Underwater bases sound like Bioshock, but imagine the inside of a submarine, a Seawolf maybe, staging for an underwater insertion using the SDV.

did you not post this idea allready? if you did, i remove this post... you have right about the discription, but i just mean a sort of base like oildrilling or laboratory...

Yhea no.

Do you mean an oil rig or do you mean Rapture?

Just downvote this. This boy is trying to turn this into cod..

Scorp3, please tell me do you want an oil-rig or Rapture?

Underwaterhabitats are well known from 1950...19070 This is no SciFi.

The question is: Would it be usefull for the gameplay???

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I reckon it would be useful for gameplay in that the underwater aspect of the game is vastly under used except for insertions, and the Altis map has a massive underwater area begging to be used. Underwater bases arent that farfetched, theyre just chambers filled with air and entry ports on the underside to keep air in, or waterlocks between the outside atmosphere and inside. +1

All you guys downvoting have no imagination, should just play WW2 shooters and be happy.

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The underwater habitats do exist, but there are like maybe 3 in the world, and they are not used militarily. It might make sense to add a static nuclear submarine that stays submerged and is placeable for missions. It would only act as an underwater launch point / building though.

I'd much rather see oil rigs and offshore power generation sites (wind and tidal).

Voting down

It's possible to make an underwater base with some scripting.

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WillDP, i downvote this because i have no imagination, this is not an imaginative game, this is a REALISM game, if you want something imaginative go play Crysis or Black Light Retribution.

Yes, maybe underwater bases are possible, but as a military standpoint, they are COMPLETELY useless, it would be just a submarine rearming station, cant be used inside enemy lines because its a base, cant launch nothing more than divers and submarines, and underwater war its not very worked in the game. Relasing divers wouldn't be so useless if not because of their short range. In short, the only use for all this bunch of addons and a place inside the water where there is air (almost impossible in the game engine) would be JUST to relase SDV.

Not a good idea.

@micovery that's pretty slick, looks kinda Metal Gear Solidy :)

@Killzone_Kid, thanks!
It's part of a "Life" mission, trotsky, and I've been working on.
We are porting the old Arma 2 Takistan Life Revolution mission.

If you are interested, here are a couple other videos for an underground bunker, and an oil platform on the same mission.

It's all using existing structures from Arma 3, without mods.
I thought it'd be good to share these here, since the conversation is related.

Isn't there a new parameter or command which keeps water out of vehicles that are submerged? Could you possibly apply this to a larger area?

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No. it requires a big engine overhaul. VBS had this feature, at least partially, as you could have a big ship and the lower part that is submerged could have air and be usable inside the ship itself

@ micovery

Verry NICE! makes the map more dynamic! Thanks that you share this here!
Looks verry promising!

keep all the good work! Hooah!

atlantis?! wtf! xD

@micovery Awesome. Did you use skiptime when entering underground base? I would imagine the sun in Greece so strong it would shine through a concrete by default :-)

A better solution would be to have a fully configurable object that can remove all water effects in an area:

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that would be hacked easily.

Maybe BIS can work a shit ton of time and get for a next relase or an expantion pack the O2 as a matter in-game itself, simulation of it would let us make "oxygen bubbles" of underwater bases and maybe a more realistic air simulation

Hacked easily? The ticket I made is for mods. Not base game.

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i thought you meant the base game, people with scripts would spawn them all over the place and empty the water in the gameworld

Script wise why not just blacklist the script commands via Battleye?

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Because admins either dont know how to do it, they dont care about their server as long as it generates money, and because people barely trust battleye anymore (and with good reasons)