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miniguns have slow rate of fire
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  • one 7.62mm M134 on the AH-9 has a rof around 1350 rpm, it should be around 3000 rpm or higher.

  • the 6.5mm minigun on the boat/ghost hawk has a rate of fire around 1750 rpm which is too low, it should have a rpm higher than the M134 since it has small caliber i.e. >3000 rpm.

this combined with very little bullet spread at distance is making it very difficult to hit anything...

  • also the rpm depends on the local fps (as in previous Arma games) if flying from the sea and strafing the beach rpm is lower than strafing a boat on open water due to differences in scene complexity hence fps. game client fps <-> gpu fps is somehow connected.
  • it seems a general problem for this game engine to handle high density of events.


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place and play either AH-9 and minigun boat in the editor and measure rate of fire with stopwatch and bullet count.

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plz fix this corner cutting programming in the game engine...

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Yes. Upvoted!

Hate it to make two Gun-runs with the AH9 to kill an Enemy.

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Yes. Same issue in the Alpha version. Firing 500 rounds onto a target to watch is move away is very silly.

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Up voted. Wouldn't mind the swivel speed on the Ghosthawk to be increased as well.

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Still an issue: the AH-9 miniguns have a ROF of around 700rpm each (for a total of around 1400rpm), while the UH80 and Orca have a ROF that is closer to the minimum of 2000, but still below it and are still affected by the actual game performance.

still not fixed. miniguns are really choppy on the AH-9, and the fact that the cannon convergence is so far away makes killing infantry impossible in one run.

increase RPM, also increase spread so you can actually hit something.

if they made it so that the lines of bullets would intersect closer to the helicopter, you could actually hit things instead of hitting on either side of them. and yes, spread would also help a lot.