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THe ability to create Keyholes in walls.
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Hey so thoese who know funker or other guys or have served themselfs know that making keyholes in walls of buildings or walls outside the buildings can be a crucial advantage over the enemy. SO i was wondering is it posible to ad a feature to make small keyholes in walls using some tool and a nice animation. I dont really specifically want to make keyholes all over the place but just like 4 on each walls in crouch prone and normal stance mode.

If you guys want more info i can profide pictures but really its just comes down to smashing a hole in a wall for your gun to stick out.


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With explosives? Really need buildings destroying PhysiX!

Just a small hole that you would be unnoticed but big enought to shoot from.

Hammers for A3 added to the list +

@fragmachine Hammers and ducttape..... Everything is fixible with that pair.
@plutoto74 Well yhea you are right but then in the end there is this thing called colleteral damage(or the heck its spelled) YOu are not seposed to destroy buildings unless they contain HUGE numbers of hostiles. SO then yes maybey some nice physics regarding knocking down walls enc but remember ArmA is still in beta and already CPU and GPU draining adding more physics details would mean adding dynamic particles and smoke.......

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In A2 that's already possible using special walls from the "MBG Killhouses" - Mod:

If there's any possibility to add these features to existing walls, that would be good enough. There's no chance to introduce Hammers i guess, but C4 or Satchels is the way to go.

By hammers we mean somthing in somones gear by default. Somthing he just uses as a tool during the animation progress.. Plz people post some more things im falling asleep on my work...

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It dose depend on the building material the building is made from, a modern building that use light-weight hollow brick/block a could be done in a few mins with just a hammer, on the other hand with just a hammer, a stone or solid heavy brick/block building you’re talking about an exponential increase in time/effort which just doesn’t fit in with time constrains in A3.

^What do you mean with exponentiall increase in time/effort. Its a dam simulator what do people expect fast pase gaming? Hell no.

If this was the case they would most likely have to re-make both maps entirely with new higher destructive count buildings, sorry I do not see something like this happening, If they did do this it would take up valuable time in which 10 or so more features could be implemented.

This is why we cant have nice things. Instad of sharing your toughts on how to implement this is ome way people come and say nha its not gona happen because..... -.- Seriously it doesnt mean that you know that. By all means mod makers have implemented tons of stuff that by your vision would mean they had to redo the entire map witch they didnt...

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“exponential increase in time/effort”

Time &/or effort would be significantly increased, i.e. eluding to the fact the materials the building “appear” to be made of WILL have a bearing on IF it would be feasible within a “game like” period of time to have made a “hole” with e.g. just a "normal" hammer.

Hammers exponentially increasing in size to reduce time:

And a detonating cord?

@b101uk if you dont want to spend lots of time on doing somthing like making keyholes dont play arma. Go back to fast pase cod or battlefield. ArmA is a simulator so its ment to be realistic and time consuming if you cant apreciate small details that might take time you are not cut out for the game,

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Love the idea. In ace2 we have small, light [0.6kg.] charges that can take down a section of wall without killing the squad from back-splash.

In tight, urban streets where the enemy owns the fire-lanes, key-holing is the only way to advance.

So, a light demo-charge, 'plastic' would be a useable addition.

yep good sugestion.

Oh I agree with smaller explosives and having things like detonating cord, etc.

Yep same here