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Parachute Jumper Touches Ground and Explodes
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After jumping out with a parachute around 3000 meters, deploy chute at less than 100m and immediately deaccelerate to around 0km/hr, upon touchdown the player explodes or creates a crater with smoke. {F20453}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a mission with a helicopter lift at altitude 3000 meters. (Altitude may not be relevant.)
  1. Put on a parachute and jump.
  1. Deploy chute at 100m or just less than 100m.
  1. Immediately deaccelerate to around 0km/hr, or anything considered safe for a landing
  1. Upon touchdown with the ground, the player explodes or a crater with smoke is formed.

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I have created a mission, that sets (or init) the helicopter at 5000m. If you want to allow the chopper to naturally ascend via way points, remove the init field from the helicopter object.

Also, rename this mission.txt file to mission.sqm, as the server doesn't allow uploading .sqm files for some odd reasons.

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Are you inferring opening the parachute at 100m above the ground OR opening the parachute 100m lower than when you jumped out?

As to open at 100m above the ground would be pushing the envelope of survival at terminal velocity (~ 54m/sec) with a standard parachute, which is somewhat different from very low BASE jumps <100m where you have a pilot chute which once release pulls out the main very quickly, also you are naturally nowhere near terminal velocity then either.

The comparison of sport parachute for BASE jumping or that of ejection seats both of which are for fast/hard opening to more normal parachutes which are slower/softer opening dose not allow for such low opening with the latter as with the two former.

BTW: I get smoke and death at just under 100m opening with all weapons, ammo etc removed (just to rule out them as causes of smoke), but no game crashes etc like in

To clarify, 100m above ground, and not 100m from aircraft altitude.

Yup. Guess it's the soles of the boots smoking like in the cartoons. ;-)

The smoking doesn't always occur when opening the parachute just under 100m (from ground), so think there's some other factors I haven't figured out yet.

I speculate the crash I experienced earlier was a physx thing, but may have been fixed within the subsequent patches on beta.

Think this bug might be an intended feature.

This bug has returned within the latest stable version.

I was within TF1776 servers, parachuted to the ground and touched the ground at an accelerated rate of >50 km/hour, and exploded upon touching the ground. (I think I also left the usual crater.)

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.