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Unit: "Ammo Bearer" should be listed under "Men (Support)"
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The unit "Ammo Bearer" should be listed under "Men (Support)" in the mission editor, for he is a support unit. The anemic support infantry category could use some more units and the regular category is crowded as is.


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not exactly, an ammo bearer could be ANYBODY in an army that brought a bag with ammo, you can see riflemans going light with no ammo bags or everyone in a squad using them, so, instead of ammo bearer or men (support) it should be listed as "Rifleman (heavy)"

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"Rifleman (heavy)" would imply a larger calibre rifle or a level of ballistic protection being used.

"Men (Support)" are in essence ammo bearer with a specific task of assisting a single unit such as AT/AA/MG as a sort of team within a team, whereas normal “ammo bearer” is just carrying extra ammo and is not in essence a team within a team.

But I think "Men (Support)" is really being used in the wrong context and would be better served with "Men (Assistant)", which better defines their role without causing problems with the terminology of “Support”

rifleman light its just the same guy with less equipment, so yeah, i think rifleman heavy would be a correct name.

However, there is still the Squad Leader Assistant, wich may be something alike

heavy implies heavier gear. ammo bearer means he has more ammo, yet the same gear as a normal soldier.

isn't ammo and military equipment considered "gear"?

we could also call the ammo bearer a "rifleman (backpack)"

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