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when dead cant exit out
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whenever i die (only played combined arms showcase so far) the game continues,but i can not escape and have to ctrl+alt+delete everytime to start over


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play combined arms showcase and die from enemy fire

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Same for me. Once i die, i cannot use the ESC button to exit the map or the game. Most buttons do nothing.

I only have this problem on the Combined Arms show case. Not the alpha ones. I don't know about the ones after Combined arms, didn't try them yet.

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Voting up as I'm having the same issue. At first I thought it was some new wounded system and kept expecting teammates to come patch me up but this never happens. I've played the ACE mod a bit on ArmA2 so I thought maybe I'd bleed out or like I said, a teammate helps out. But after about ten minutes of waiting neither happened.

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Is this still valid after today's dev branch update?

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new dev update has fixed issue for me

Seems to have been fixed.