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Author's nickname visible under the markers in the in-game map
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That's something that has been bothering me since Wasteland got popular on ArmaII.

You can put a marker on the ingame map and make them visible to players from group level to the whole server but there is no way for other players to know who put that marker and under which canal.

My suggestion is that it would be better if the nickname of whoever put a marker was shown under said marker with the colour of the corresponding canal used.

Maybe it could be done that this information only shows while hovering your mouse over a marker.

Aside from a pure practical goal, it would also help preventing the spamming of markers, profanities and vulgar drawings.

I'm well aware it's really a small thing but I thought it would be a good feature. What do you guys think?


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It would make spamming the map with markers impossible.

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Well another reason to up vote the idea then?

What this community has come to? Thanks Obama I guess or should I say DayZ... would I spam it? :(

Well you still could. You may have to answer for your immature behaviour though.



As a tooltip when the marker is rolled over would be the most sensible.

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Already requested. #5624