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interactive fire selector switch
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In ArmA 3, the fire selector switch does not move. I'm not sure how hard it would be to integrate this feature, but a nice animation would be something i have never seen in a game before. Including Battlefield 3, in BF3 the gun just moves a bit and changes from semi to fully or vice versa. In Arma there is literally nothing other than the top right corner indicating that it's in a different fire mode.


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There is not much to animate, for most weapons the only difference between the fire modes is how far your thumb pushes the safety catch when unlocking the weapon, what a soldier actually does when starting to aim. Switching fire modes in game is actually telling your character how far he has to push it before shooting, and since you can't see the safety catch when shooting, its more a mental than a visual thing.

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The HK417 in R3F French Weapons Pack did this(at least in ALPHA), so it shouldn't be a hard one to be done.

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