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Player drowns on the ocean surface
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Sometimes, after swimming underwater (without SCUBA) and coming up to the surface, the player will still drown, despite his head being above the waterline.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce

1.) Swim underwater.
2.) Come up to surface by moving forward at an angle.
3.) Drown with head still above waterline.

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I think it has to do with a lack of information regarding if you're underwater or not. I've drowned a few times w/o SCUBA equipement and now I make sure to press X (at least 2 times) to make sure my character is a maximum "water-height".

I've also had this happen a few times. The way to ensure you are above water is to completely stop moving and hold x until you see your character come as far out of the water as he can. This usually works.

A little fix could be needed for this so that you don't always have to do this.

I experienced getting stuck under water today with SCUBA, but the only side effect was that sound above water was muted.

Though i can confirm that i've drowned without water despite being on the surface.

You have to keep pressing X every second otherwise you slowly start sinking.

I have drowned alot probally 40% of the 100 times i have tried. The audio does not always make the gasping sound upon re-surface.

Part of the issue is that to swim with your head above water, you must angle your view up significantly. The problem is then you can't see where you're going.