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Soldiers partialy submerged in ground
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at longer ranges (~400m+) standing soldiers seem to be submerged in the ground to their knees - 10 times worse when being prone (sometimes only head visible) {F20362} {F20363}


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No Bug
Steps To Reproduce

scatter some soldiers on stratis air base - get yourself a sniper at 0.565 - 0.245 (small base overlooking air base in the east) - look at soldiers below

Additional Information

gpu: gtx 480

video general:
sampling: 100%
texture: high
objects: high
terrain: high
shadow: high
particles: standard
cloud: high
pip: high
hdr: standard
dynamic lights: high

overall: 2200
object: 1800
shadow: 100

Display Mode fullscreen
resolution 1920x1200
vsync: disabled
interface size: small
brightness 1.0 - gamma 1.0

AA & PP:
bloom: 0
radial blur: 0
rotation blur: 0
depth of field: 0
ssao: standard
caustics: enabled
fsaa: 2x
atoc: all trees + grass
ppaa: fxaa standard
aniso. filtering: standard

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I'm not sure if this was intentional, but i kinda like it, because it's a way to compensate missing grass in the distance. If you can hit them even the "submerged" parts (i'm not sure if you can), than i'm okay with it.

but it looks so awkward - i added another photo with two soldiers prone - see how one is "submerged" and the other not? Doesn't look intentionally to me.

DDSSTT added a subscriber: DDSSTT.May 7 2016, 2:59 PM

I read this in another post, it is intentional and was design to reflect where there was grass and where there was not. So, the soldier you see submerged is currently in grass and the other is not.

That makes sense. Though it looks a bit strange, it's probably the best solution.

It's called the grass layer. Replacement for grass rendering at distance.

Before that layer was implemented in A2, the soldiers were laying down in plain sight, even though they were supposed to be in high grass. The "grass layer" is a compromise, but it still renders camo colors or even ghillie suits pointless at distance.