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A proper blinding sun and things that reduce it.
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In ARMA II the sun light could be a horrible enemy, it could easily show your silhouette and if you were shooting at someone who had their backs to it you were blinded just like in real life obviously and it also made your vision mess up when your eyes re-adjusted and this is also lacking in ARMA III. ARMA III's sun does nothing to you really and I was hoping that the good, immersing sun would be added back in and with the addition of that make certain clothing items reduce it.

For example on helicopter and jet pilots helmets visors should reduce the sun blinding and the same goes for sunglasses and when you put them on whether in your character editor or having a nice box which has all the face accessories in it would actually darken/dim the world a little bit to add the extra immersion.

Immersion plays a massive role not only in the ARMA series but in every game and having that little bit extra goes a long way.


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-Spawn rifleman in the editor at midday
-Look at the sun and notice no blinding effect.

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