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More user friendly scrolling-menu
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The ingame mouse-wheel-scrolling-menu is too uninformative, too sensitiv and doesn't consider any of the usability-rules. Its font is to small, its interleaf too close, the size of the window is too short (after about 6 options I stops displaying them and you have to scroll them down. This is not usable!). In my opinion the biggest problem is, that you have no clue where you find the different categories of commanding-orders, because you get no hint which button you have to press. This doesn't help you to memorize the keys and you have to memorize all of them if you want to be in full control of your team. The game should display what you have to do or activate or press to find your demanded actions. {F20342}


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Here some ideas:

"Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising" uses a circle-menu, where you move the mouse into the right category of the displayed circle, which feels fluent and tidy.

The old "S.W.A.T 4" game shows a long list of options depending on what you looking at. You scroll through all the possible options until you get yours - this was possible because you always saw it in one view.

In "Battlefield 3" the button you have to press appears in the UI as a hint, even for reloading (R), jumping of a damaged vehicle etc.

(The image is an example for the circlemenu from "Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising")

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Upvoted. I'm so tired of all oldschool users that want to stick to what sucks in Arma instead of giving it the chance to evolve. "Nooo we don't want CoD! Arma needs to feel clunky so it's a sim!!!!1"

I can imagine even the creators of Arma3 are tired of so many people hindering their progress.

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Arma 3, its time to big changes, and menu must be reworked too...

As in RainbowSix or as in ACE

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