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Custom Key Mapping Resets to Default
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If you start the game up, set your controls preset to (Arma 2), then change the key binds to your liking, select ok, ok.

You can play with the keys set correctly, once you close ArmA 3 Beta, the controls reset to default.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start ArmA 3 Beta
  2. Change key preset to (Arma 2)
  3. Map any keys
  4. Click Ok, Ok.
  5. Close ArmA 3 Beta
  6. Start ArmA 3 Beta
  7. Open Keyboard controls
  8. Observe default keybinds
Additional Information

That's it really, key bindings just resetting back to default. (Dev build is working with custom key binds)

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Same problem here, but dont even have to close the game for it..
Change a button, ok, ok, then open it and its the default again.

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The keybinds seem to be working in the Dev build, so maybe it'll be fixed with the next update.

Yeah should be resolved.

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