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AI Super Eye sight/reaction/awareness just being unhuman
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Played the long awaited Beta and tried the Night Showcase, and found out that AI
are really supernatrual, even i find it harder to find and target durring this Showcase but AI got no problem at all doing this. Try to give the game alittle stealth nighttime fog impairment to the AI of somekind or somekind of human effect of being Tierd?

The same thing goes for Support showcase, They are really fast to pinpoint a snipers position even doh the sound Echos in the valley.. Try to give them a delay of thinking due to sudden PANIC when a commrad Dies infront of them..

I'm Sure you guys somekind of cool/good idea of to fix this or balance it.

Best regards


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Try to play Showcase Night stealthy as shit and FAIL!

Play Showcase support and counts the secounds from the first shot untill you get fired at.

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There are already multiple tickets about this.