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3D Scopes Are Incorrectly Implemented
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3D scopes should magnify only the image inside the scope and not be painted onto an already magnified image.

They should also occupy much less space on the screen, around a third of what they do now.

There is no benefit in adding a "3D scope" which doesn't allow you to maintain awareness of what is happening around you.

Look, let's just get real for a second. The current 3D scopes are a gimmick. Make an object which circles the inside of the scope and magnify whatever is inside there, and leave the rest unmagnified.


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Use ARMA3Beta 0.71 "3D" RCO scope.

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Agreed that would be nice so +1

Though I dont know about the PIP, it looks like crap, heavily pixelated, no shadows, and limited view distance. A better option would probably have to be a reversed way, leave it as is, but make the view around the scope a PIP zoomed out to default FOV, and then will most likely have to blur it to hide the PIP because it would look like crap.

The you face the bunch who are going to complain about the blur...

So until PIP gets improved and optimized I dont think this will be a viable option, but then again, i think the real problem with PIP is having to render an image in an image (duh), and ARMA being so resource intensive, I think the problem is hardly anyone will really ever enjoy using scopes in that fashion due to performance issues.

As it is now, it is okay, it's a step up above the previous method so it is already a win. Maybe in the next ARMA release, hopefully then they have an NEW engine designed around the new tech, not this recycled one that just gets add ons.

devs said that will kill all the performance, so nop. Not im arma 3 at least.

guys lol how can anyone vote this down? im saying like the mrco looks when unmagnified, with a magnified image inside it.

cant believe people actually downvoted this its like "oh no we dont want proper 3D scopes" lol nohopeforthehumanrace

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Please search before posting.