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Object marker's in editor to reallife size.
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Hey fellow community members and Devs,

As you all know in the 2d editor the size's of the units are not the same as the reallife ones. This could cause some annoying problems in the game while there is no 3d editor(NOTE: not everyone likes the 3d editor).

So maybey when some time is left some of the markers (Structures, Fortifications, enc) could be made and resized. I know this is just beta but in A2 and A1 some of the objects are just GIANT square boxes with a question mark in there witch always caused issue's.

Kind regards,



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Upvoted. A 3D editor would help mitigate this as well.

Funny I was going to post this request up myself.

Yes I completely agree, the icons/markers should match the dimensions/position of the actual objects.

Check the MB Killhouse mod, it is created by a member of the development team at BIS, he released his own mod.

The mod itself is great, but what really makes it stand out is the fact that the building icons/markers are the exact size of the buildings AND the rooms are also visible on the icons/markers.

This isnt just the case for the buildings, but also for the walls. The wall icons are every so slightly off with matching the dimensions of the objects, but everything else is perfect.

Will upvote! ++++++++++++

Or have a 3d editor. Either way they will need to have a solution.

Yhea but like i mentioned not everyone liks 3d editor cuzz you have to much things to take care of such as camera movemnt. Note if they are gona implement 3d they need some sort of Xray to see trough the outside walls so players can place stuf easy inside of the buildings.

checkout my other post regarding Emprovements in the Damage system.

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Duplicate of #5292

^Cool story tell me more. No seriously Stop marking everything as dupe. Notthing has been done with original post and im not gona wait for it to happen after the game has been released.

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Closing as duplicate.