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[Beta] Kajman, Ghosthawk, and Blackfoot AI gunners do not respond well to Pilot orders, especially when targeting infantry.
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In general, if player is acting as pilot, gunner will often not respond to target commands, Kajman gunner will choose incorrect weapon (Target infantry, AI automatically selects ATGM) and will often just track infantry with cannon and not engage, regardless of combat mode, attack orders. Gunners for all three mentioned aircraft are guilty of ignoring infantry. Choppers with AI Pilot and Gunner seem to fair slightly better, but only slightly.


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Place any of these choppers with player as pilot, place infantry groups of opposing side on map and experiment.

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Further observation:

As of Devbuild 0.71.107070, Ai gunnery in the Blackfoot has improved drastically, though Ai seems to not want to engage with cannon if the designated target is more than 20 or 30 degrees off of the nose.

Ghosthawk Gunners now fire more often, but seem to only score kills if chopper is flying below X kph. I'm yet to figure out exactly what X is, but it's around 50kph. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug.

Kajman Ai gunner is absolutely infuriating. Will not engage with cannon outside of a fairly small cone off of the nose, at fairly short range, is painfully inaccurate most times, and often randomly selects Skyfire rockets with no notice for infantry targets.

In the case of the Ghosthawk, these gunnery issues are not too much of a problem, it reasons to believe that the chopper is not designed to be a gun platform, but in the case of both gunships these gunnery issues are not acceptable. The seeming engagement limits (especially in the Kajman) completely invalidates the use of pop up tactics for player pilots with Ai gunners.

Also worth mentioning, Adjusting Ai gunners skill, by all available means, has no apparent effect on the issues I've mentioned. I sincerely hope these observations are of use to the developer.

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