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[Beta] Ghosthawk has invisible obstructions near doors
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Ghosthawk seems to have collision geometry roughly 1 meter outside of either cargo door. It is inline with the rack of front cargo seating, roughly one meter away from the chopper on both left and right side. {F20273}


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Place a player soldier and empty or AI ghosthawk in editor, walk to the described location. Go back and forth like shown in the video here:

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It is possible that the cargo entrance/exit proxies accidentally have collision?

I've attached a screenshot of the location where the collision occurs. There is another collision in the exact same location on the opposite side of the chopper.

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Collision model confirmed, it's as though there is a block that you can walk around.

I tested this in the latest development build and I can confirm that this ticket is valid.

Todays dev build changelog claims this to be fixed. Please confirm.

Thanks for the confirmation. :)

I reported the same issue a day earlier, the ticket could be closed/deleted :)

Mass-closing resolved issues not updated in 10 days.