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[IDEA]Better Version of MSE-3 Marid (Otokar Arma 6x6 Version) ? + Cobra the little Brother ?
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I found some Brochures :)

MSE-3 Marid (Otokar Arma 6x6 Version) with many other Turrets :

[The 6x6 Version can make a 360° Degree Turn in Water]

Otokar Arma 8x8 Version

2 Types of 30mm Turret ,ones for Armored and ones for Infantry from OTO MELERA.

Otokar Cobra {F20267}


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I hope BIS make the 8x8 Version with MIZRAK Turret :)

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It will make very much Players happy´s ,Marid looks Awesome :)

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Found a Video about the Mizrak Turret on Action.

Looks very Great.

I agree. Right now Marshall is overpowered with its AP rounds against Marid. Opfor actually have two vehicles with 12.7 armament - marid and ifrit and no AP armament on any.

I don´t understand why OPFOR gets Irfit ? I mean that Vehicle was for Police for City Fights and not Military.

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For the same reason the Fennek was degraded to a simply MRAP: Armaverse.

As for the additional fire power for Opfor, we haven't seen everything yet.


Fennek has STANAG 4569 Level 3 Armour like all mraps.

But it´s too a Recon Vehicle ,you have Lasermarker on it ,only on Fennek ,the Oskosh or the Russian Version don´t have it.

But Yes you are Right ,Fennek is not an MRAP ,One unit cost more over 1,5 Million €uro ,so it must very stupid for the Greek Army to have this Vehicle in Large Numbers for the Usage of Save Troops Carriying.

We haven't seen any armament for marid to conquer marshall. It is pretty obvious that an additional firepower to Otokar is a must. 8 wheeled with AP autocannon makes difference than anti personell hmg on both - irfit and marid. Especially when taking into consideration fact that marshalls AP rounds pierce through frontal armour of marid like red-hot knife on butter.

Another Very Hot Pic.

Desert Otokar ARma 8x8 , i think it´s for UAE or Qatar.

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Pretty sure,that Marshal will have weak HMG/GMG turret,saw something in 2010 years screens.Also sure,that reds will have something like cannor,or just heavy APC with tank armor.
Cobra's purpose is on Ifrit.
8x8 only - well not sure that needed very much.Why not to put autocannon on 6x6 version.

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