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Where is Altis?
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Hey there at BIS, in your livestreams you promised, that we can play on Altis in the Beta, now I downloaded the Beta, but I can't see anything on ALtis, so where is it?


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No, they said nothing about the community playing on Altis in the Beta, they stated that the island of Altis is being reserved for the full release.

Gumgum added a subscriber: Gumgum.May 7 2016, 2:53 PM

I believe that they said there was a very slight possibility that parts of Altis would be in the Dev branch towards the end of Beta.

Just fuck you BIS, the Beta is just fuckin' boring!

Hey Gumgum, don't like it ?

Change game and never see you again > as easy as it seems to be!

Please close this report before a damn rage/flame war starts

LOL I also never heard that Altis would be in BETA, I suppose if anything a very special handfull of people might get to "test" it during BETA for release but as far as I know, BIS did say No altis untill full release.

LOL at gumgum for having a tantrum.

sorry, i really love that game, but the beta is just boring! I don't want to play on stratis until fall, so please give us some more new content

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Just fuck you Gumgum, you are just fuckin' boring!

gumgum dude, whats the point giving you the whole game before it is ready??? You are even lucky to be able to play alpha and beta, not many other devs allow it, and you only see the game when it's done...

just be patient man, be patient. it is better than nothing.

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Stop answering this troll ticket, everything has been said.

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Not in the beta.