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adding a captive unit to each sides classes?
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i spotted that there is no captive units?

im currently using the competitor as a captive as he has no weapon :)

are you guys going to add any captive units? (hostages, injured hostages etc...)


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Do you mean add an unarmed unit?

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Just use the remove all weapons etc commands and the setCaptive command in the units initialization box, if they are captive from the start, or via a trigger if not

removeAllAssignedItems unit; removeAllContainers unit; removeAllItems unit; removeAllWeapons unit; unit setCaptive true;

unit = the name you gave them in the editor.

If you set their damage via the slider, they should appear injured or use “unit setDamage #” on the end of the above i.e.
Whare # = a number >0 to <1, 0 = fully healthy

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on all the other series there were units named "captive" which had no gear, no vests, backpacks, helmets

so the work was already done for you.


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