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Need a crosshair for missiles in the choppers
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I am using track ir with no dead zone. I can never tell where my rockets are pointing since the whole hud moves with my head.

Need something like the AH-9 with a fixed crosshair.


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The AH 99 has a very cool solution to this problem in the form of the small IR screen to the left. The Mi-48 should utilize something similar.

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Agree here. Maybe I've missed something, how would it work in a real heli, if the HUD is mounted to a helmet? How do you determine the true heading of the weapons? (Setting a button to "reset view" seems like a strange workaround)

no idea, but this isn't real life and some real life things just dont work in a game enviroment.

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example of real life solution: the pilot in the AH 9 use a marker to draw a little circle on the cockpit to aim better

PLEASE DEVS INCLUDE THIS! Manual fire is impossible currently while using TrackIR or any other head tracking tech.

want to see if this can be upvoted some more.
We need this atleast on MI-48. AH-99 has the FLIR screen to see, but MI-48 has nothing. Need it ASAP when flying with AI or alone.

Dude.... Note the difference between MISSILES and ROCKETS.

The ROCKETS in the AH-9 are unguided, which is why the HUD doesn't stray.

The MISSILES in the AH-99 are guided, which means the HUD does stray, so you can lock on and fire-and-forget those beauties.

We need them for skyfire on Mi-48 those just go straight. Currently it is impossible to hit anything with them.

Unless: Shoot 2 rockets, see that you under shot, shoot 2 more. And so on until you hit anything.

The AH-99 got the crosshair for the gun. Check, once you go into manual fire and you have the guns equipped, you get the crosshair.

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yes there is no crosshair for pilot player to aim rockets