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A Simpler, Faster, More Effective and Intuitive UI for AI Squad Commanding. (Request)
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As of now, commanding an AI squad may sometimes be considered a nightmare. If you get attacked, it is literally suicide trying to get your squad to a better formation, to open fire and to go prone/crouch.

I often find myself in the situation of desperately pressing 1~9 just to find out which one was the one that had the "GO PRONE" option. Of course, I could memorize it, but in middle of battle, I could care less about this stuff.

Not to mention I have to drop either WASD OR my mouse in order to select F1~F12 or 1~9, rendering me completely useless as I command them.

To make things worse, you cannot customize these buttons, so you are stuck with them.

The current UI for squad command is outdated. Remembers me of the stuff there was in the 1990 ~ 2000's. (No offence intended.)


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How I suggest the UI should be:

A commorose, such as the one here:

It could free up many precious currently-in-use keys, be a lot faster, and a lot more intuitive.

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Please Bohemia Interactive, give the player either the option to customize squad command keystrokes, or a brand new UI for squad commanding. Preferably both alternatives.

This would result in a more competitive multiplayer, as players would be a lot more effective with their subordinates.

Thanks for your support.

(Forgive me if this is a duplicate, but I got errors when using the search function)

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