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Radar - too powerfull
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Personally I think that the radar is a bit overkill and tab mechanism have to go. If we would have to create something easy, much less sophisticated that rl system, i'm all for something like this:

  • no friend-or-foe recognition by the radar(and THAT would be a great thing) - or at least no recognition between empty vehicle and enemy vehicle - in 2035 friendlies position would be update live to the gunship(i suppose they are updated like that even now)
  • much lower refresh rate
  • the need of "clicking" on the target to lock by the gunner
  • removing of "TAB" - it can stay with the pilot as it is important to control your ai gunner somehow.


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Playing od dev beta.

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there is no IR lock warning. and it should stay. but, the lock on system is fine as is.

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yes there is a warning when we are being locked by manpads which (i suppose) are ir guided.

The problem was with the target acquisition though TAB. If you though this page of the thread: you will see how you can have radar on and vehicle pretty much.

Make the flare part a separate feedback post only if such a thing exists in real life.

Why would a heli contain a crappy radar system when they could have a much better radar system that transmits its data to the heli?

If Arma 3 is using 3rd generation MANPADS, countermeasures will only allow the missle and easier lock, with most antimanpad systems.

If you just had the TAB thing you would get many more votes...

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  • removing of "TAB"(from EVERYTHING)

Don't really see the reason why.
Tab is a command to your gunner, to find next target.

Anyway, there is an 'allowTabLock' parameter for both pilot and gunner.

Byku added a comment.Jun 25 2013, 10:28 AM

Ok as a pilot that's ok, because you need to command your gunner ai somehow, but when a gunner, that's a big no unfortunately. Launching missiles like that is wrong.

If you don't like the current system kju makes pvp scene for pvp players. Check it out.

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On the other hand.... i suppose in 2035 the communication between friendliest would be quiet strong and their electronic updates on their position. I suppose the friendliest should be still recognized but the empty vehicles and used ones should have the same color. Bloody hell.... what would be the perfect balance between realism and game...

No need to rage, because people have different opinions than you...

Byku added a comment.Jun 25 2013, 8:02 PM

Who is raging? O.o

yes, let's totally get rid of these realistic and used in real life features. let's take them out of this military simulator.

" at least no recognition between empty vehicle and enemy vehicle " that was the only thing I think is necessary.

You shouldn't combine all of these topics together as well, if someone disagrees withd one they will not vote for this feedback ticket.

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yeah agree with that, ill delete the topic about flares.

The TAB problem is separate from what you think about radar, they need to be separate tickets.
The TAB problem should be about making the lock on system more realistic.

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Fixed with Jets DLC.