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FOV setting needed for both gameplay and health concerns
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An FOV setting is needed in the game that does not ruin how scopes function when it is changed like when editing config values for FOV. Narrow FOV's (like the default) make some people nauseous and it cuts down on situational awareness which is obviously bad in a realistic and tactical game. The Keypad - button is also not enough because it's effect auto-resets after certain actions like using a scope.


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I suggest a "Base FOV" setting, this only changes the FOV of unzoomed view while not looking into a magnified optic. That way, scopes and optics go to their current default FOV which won't skew how mil-dots and optics work for elevation correction of rounds fired which is the issue with config file custom FOV values.

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The is already a FOV request ticket. If you have anything to add to it, post a comment there.