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Optic stances Icon?
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put in an icon to show which scope is currently in use (dual scope functions)

example im in first person and the gun is hipshot ready so im not looking down the sights so I cant tell what optic is currently my optic in use...


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What would this offer? You should be able to see the difference between a red dot and a scope.

Edit: Now that I know this is an icon for use when not scoped in, it makes sense and I changed my vote. Sorry for the misunderstanding, Sounds good.

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do u play arma 3 bro? u cant tell which one is active.. when ur not looking down them so what if im running around rdy for cqc and I forgot my sights set on long range? not my idea just seeing peoples reactions and the negativity is why this games going downhill

I think he means when you are not zoomed in, it should show which optic you'd zoom into were you to. For optics with a backup sight.

Meinsweeper, zumzum is referring to "dual" sight, the RCO that has both the scope for mid range and red dot ontop for close range.

And zumzum, meinsweeper seems to be thinking of two different sights, I have no idea why he doesnt know of the RCO has both.

Buuut anyhow, personally, I dont think an indicator is really necessary. Currently it does come down to discipline, keep your sights always on close range (red dot), and only switch to scoped when you engage in long range, afterwards immediately switch back to red dot.

Something else, I would say by default red dot should be the option, which has been fixed few moinths back, but it would also be nice to have it reset as well. for example if you use scoped view, and dont aim down your scope for about 2min, then it will reset to red dot.

everyone note that this is getting downvoted and its a must have for gameplay.. if u have a stance indicator why not this.. I think im getting sniped on my posts

(zumzum) thanks u for clearing the air "shotgun" =)

for the record my post says in the description (dual function scopes) ...
another reason I think im getting sniped

The reason why it's getting downvoted is because most people have already trained themselves on what I have described above. So your problem does not necessarily impact anyone else. and you are creating more work for the devs for no real reason.

Also, what will the icon indicator look like? Where will it go on screen? You need to provide suggestions in your description so update it, and everyone reading it will then have a better idea what they are upvoting or down voting.

Now I already mentioned a work around I would like for this to work, the reset view, but also I can provide an alternative.

What if the indicator is integrated in the crosshair?? afterall you are always looking at the crosshair, so it would make sense. I would have said if you have red dot, then you would have a dot in the centre of the crosshair... but oooh boy, that would start a whole other argument about pinpoint aiming that is already a BIG NO NO... You could maybe change the crosshair look, for example if you have red dot set as the default, then the crosshair will 4 dots, and if you have scoped as default, then have 4 lines (as the current crosshair is) make up the crosshair. That is a small change, and even I would be okay with that.

So you figure it out, draw a picture if you have to and upload, if it isn't a big detour for the devs and doesnt impact anyone else's immersion,. then you wont get so many downvotes.

This does however impact new players, players who haven't trained themselves and may find it annoying. besides, so what if they added it, would it really affect anyone in anything but a positive or neutral way?

@ShotgunSheamuS: I knew he was refering to the RCO and ARCO, but when he wrote "put in an icon to show which scope is CURRENTLY IN USE" I thought that he wanted an icon while you are scoped in, which would be pointless. On the contrary, now that I know he meant that he wanted an icon while the scope is not "in use," I changed my vote because the feature would actually be useful.

lol so I see, looks like I misunderstood you as well XD

Ah well, not everyone is good with words, especially english, english isn't my mother language either.

But I see what you thought as well, but yeah, clarification is all that is needed in the end =)

Zumzum, you better update your description for clarification, it would do you a world of good. Also, throw in the suggestions I made, and any you have, and keep it updated with any other suggestions made, would make it easy for the devs to not really have to read through all the comments when all the relevent info is right there in the description.

look at this ticket of mine , and what I did here. how I kept all the suggestions and solutions neatly in the description. Also notice how my idea changes over time as people suggest positive feedback. Things arent always going to be the way you want it to be, but it will be something atleast, could be beter, could be worse, but thats life.

don't think it would take more time than the snakes opening doors lawl

maybe the ticket should be retitled as "Option for Optics mode indicator in hipfire" or something like that.
anyway, upvoted :)

I like the idea, as the suggested fix I would just put a small icon for each type of scope in the upper corner
+ Long range scope
. Short Dot
^ Iron Sight

No Scope
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If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.