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Manipulation with weapons that you don't have in hands
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At this moment you can attach/detach attachments, magazines from/to weapons even when you have other weapon in hands. For example I can reload sidearm from inventory even when I have rifle in my hands. I can attach silencer on weapon that I have on my back etc.. So I have idea on how to solve this - In inventory show only weapon you have actually in your hands. Or disable the buttons that manipulate with other weapons.


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  1. Pick soldier that has primary weapon and sidearm in inventory
  2. Switch to your primary weapon
  3. Go to your inventory
  4. Put magazine to your sidearm
  5. Watch your soldier reloading primary gun like sidearm

You can do that the other way round and also with attachments.

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It's indeed a bug which should be fixed; however I don't think your solution is the 'right' one.

Suggest your solution please. I cannot think of any :)

Quite reasonable! But I think the correct solution would be to play additional animation while player interacts with the weapons in the inventory.

Maybe it will be okay if they just fix the reloading animation bug as seen on the video and we will just have to deal with the attachments mounting on weapons you don't have in hands.

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