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3D Scope - huge advantage for several players !
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In the current dev build, you implemented 3d-scopes .
Don't get me wrong , they look great !
The big problem is, while being zoomed into the scope, you can look arround using the numpad keys (looking left right up down) or a device like trackIR to look around with full field of view ZOOMED in by the the amount of the scope magnification you are using !

I suppose a fix would be :
Disable the options of looking around outside the scope for scopes with magnification (for example SOS, Arco, RCO) because is it extremely unrealistic and gives several players a huge advantage.

Another option could be to force to zoom OUT, when looking around with your head while zoomed into a scope and zooming back in when releasing the button or returning to center view .


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example :

take a weapon with magnifier scope ,
zoom nto the scope,
use numpad standard keys to look around right and left,
you will see you have full and free field of view looking around zoomed by the amount of magnification of the scope

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Makes sense, upvoted. Another way to resolve this would be the better implementation of 3D scopes, where only the scope has magnification and the area outside has none. But there is a tivket for this already.

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