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AH-99 gear should be player controlled
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You cant retract/lower the landing gear in an AH-99. This option could be useful if you need to make an emergencylanding on the runway if your aTRQ is broken.
Example; AI shot my tailrotor and i can safely land any other Chopper (except Ghosthawk (same problem)) safely on the runway like an airplay, so i dont start selftunring. If you try this now iwth the AH-99 you blow up in flames cause the landinggear only lowers if you´re almost hovering (in which case you would start to spin if you have a tailrotor failure. So you would need to abandon the Chopper, even if you cauold save him if he lower the landing gear whenever you want.
IT this point id like to revise on [Issue# 0009894] that the landinggear should affect the lock-on time (lowered gear decreases the lock-on time and vice versa)


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Duplicate of #10006.

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