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Glass fragments disappear
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Glas fragments disappear when they fall to the ground. {F20181}


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  1. Shoot window
  2. Watch fragments
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Arma 3 Alpha Dev, "Beta"

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That is expected.

I think it's because it is a particle effect, which gets created when the window breaks, so it gets deleted so as not to bog up performance. It does however serve it's purpose which is to indicate that the window breaks, after that it doesn't really have any other purpose so no real use really to keep it around, otherwise it will just build up and impact performance.

Yeah, but maybe just show on the ground for some seconds and then disappear -> not that mouch performance impact but full effect?

True that, i can agree with that. The reason i would assume why it just falls through is the same reason why smoke passes through walls. So by fixing that, they would be able to make it stay on the ground for a few seconds. There is a separate ticket for the smoke one, so this could essentially just be related to that ticket then.Perhaps search for the smoke ticket I'm referring to and make this ticket a relation, or I'm sure a moderator will do it.

For that i will change my vote up, because i would like to see smoke actually contained in a building.

Yeah, didn't know that bug, would be very nice.
How can I refer it to the other ticket?

Well i would imagine first google and see if you can confirm indeed if window shatter particles are indeed a particle effect, i believe it is, and if you can confirm it, then do a search for the ticket, once you get the ticket number, edit your ticket and add the ticket number in the relationship.

I have never done this, so this is just guessing, but you can also just update description and paste link to that ticket about smoke passing through walls, and the next moderator maddog or so will do the relation for you and probably close this ticket, or something like that.

Solution would be to have the glass shards still disappear, but have new ones appear on the ground where they would've fallen. Walking on these shards can cause a crunching noise, altering others to movement.

See the first "Splinter Cell" game, where stepping on glass shards made noise and alerted enemies.

Well that is a great example for use of broken glass, but now I must ask. If the glass particle gets deleted, what's the point spawning it again, only this time to just lay there? It will still have the same effect of adding more particles to the environment that will slow down performance over time, especially when particle intensive effects like a smoke grenade is thrown. Perhaps a number of maximum limit of particles should be set, like for example 100 particles, when the number exceeds that limit, it will only then start to delete the previous oldest ones to be recycled for new the newly generated ones?

But, as far as the ticket goes, the particle falls through the floor, so with above mentioned applied, they just need to make particle effect stop when it hits the floor, then it can remain there for minutes, up till hours, until the particles need to be reused.

Does that make sense?

I was thinking something along the lines of building destruction. When a building collapses, it disappears and is replaced by a rubble pile. Similar concept for windows and glass.

Yes and that already happens with the pane of glass, when it breaks, it is replaced by a broken pane of glass, and then on top of that the shards particles are created to represent the visual apearance, and as soon as that particle served it's purpose, it gets deleted.

So you can look at it as a little calculation. lets say "0"(zero) represents a balance of performance, your frames for example. You want a constant framerate, so if your average is 60fps, then that represents "0". And lets say a particle represents 1, and 1=5fps (exageration but just an example). Now when you add anything, you need to subtract it again to uphold the balance. So you have 0, now a window breaks, glass pane gets replaced by an alternative model, because it is replaced and not added it remains balanced, it still equals "0", This explains the buildings too.

But now a particle is created and now you add one.
Now your performance is unbalanced, so then particle gets deleted
Now it is balanced again.

Now your suggestion is to replace a particle with another, so replacing that particle with another particle will resemble this equation:
And thats the problem, unbalanced performance. So now add 5 more broken window particles.
Now you lost 30 frames
Also you have to add the dust particles, the explosions, the smoke, and so many more happening on screen, and this is why intense action or even just a few smoke grenades can really kill performance.

That said, in my example i suggest something of a loan. where you can set a limit, maybe adjustable based on spec. 10 - 1000 particles. So using a 100 as an example, you can keep the additional particles created on screen, until their life (based on time) expires, or when the limit of particles are reached, whichever comes first.

Take for example (another exagerated example), your average is 110fps, and you dont mind it dropping to 60, because 60fps is your minimum, the difference is 50fps, devide that by 5, 5fps for every 1 particle, so then you know that your maximum amount of particles you can run in debt is 10 particles.

look at this ticket, this ticket is based on a similar concept, though not specifically around particles, but your view distance.

So if you plan your settings and adjust your max particle limit, you can essentially set a limit to how much of your resources it can use based on your rig and preference without killing performance.

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Wow how much detail do you need, I don't need glass on the ground, I wont be stopping that long to look at it.I think its actually something to be added it 5 years or by a mod

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